Thursday, June 2, 2011

American Kenpo Quick Reference App - Released

EPAKS, Inc. is proud to announce the first release of the American Kenpo Quick Reference App for android.

This app is intended to place all the important information about American Kenpo at your fingertips!

Currently, the app is broken down into four major categories, with each category containing numerous pieces of information in that category. The four categories are: Theory, Movement, Curriculum, and Misc.

It is our goal to continually update the app with more information with each update. If you want to see any specific information added to the app, please leave a comment below - and we will try to accommodate any requests.

The app can be found in the android marketplace here:


  1. Hi Guys what about an iPod/iPhone/iPad app?


  2. There is a strong possibility we will have an iPhone/iPad version for the app., after our next few projects are completed.